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Our goals for the men and women are as follows:

  • We will have monthly council meeting to pray, plan and executive effective men and women Strategies and Ministries.
  • We will have outreach events a year.
  • On a monthly basis we will utilize our ministry to assist the widows and single mothers of our churches.
  • We will have a monthly breakfast emphasizing discipleship training and mentoring for the leaders who have responsibilities go back to execute these plans to their home churches.
  • We will provide strategic men and women opportunities that will grow men and woman in our churches and share Christ’s love in tangible ways in our communities.
  • Train men and women to be real men and women in his or her house, in the family, in the churches, in the communities. Train men and women to become leaders.
  • Build up and prepare younger men and women (youths) of the churches to become real men and women. The expansion of the Churches of God.
  • The pastoral leadership cares.
  • Buy a building for our offices and headquarter.
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