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CFN is a platform to generate role models in men, women, youths, and children in the society according to God’s plan based to the bible as it stated that “men are the leaders and the visionaries of the people of GOD; therefore, they should lead the people of GOD and their household according to GOD’s plan, Also, they should be implicated in all activities of their homes and church such as teachings, trainings, and visitation like hospitals, prisons, shelters, and nursing homes. Furthermore, Men should be more active in the church than women.”.

In addition, CFN is a place for meeting, reflection, sharing and action for the male and female members of the society of every race, class and all languages, who want to live a concrete experience of the Christian lifestyle and in their personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ according to what Bible states, to commit themselves to obey and serve according to the gifts and talents they have received from God.

Furthermore, men and women should be a response to the spiritual and temporal needs of man and woman in the church, the Body of Christ, and in the world.

Lastly, this is a set of dedicated and devoted men and women to the cause of the kingdom of heaven partners. And, this framework is reminding us of our responsibilities and allowing us to play our role as a men and women in the Church, in our homes, and to serve as a nursery for broken men and women whom will emerge heal and well taken care of for its missions.

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